The commitment to quality is a primary and unnegotiable corporate choice, and this is why the strictest European and international food hygiene and safety standards are applied in the activity, organisation and operation of our facilities.



Registered Office

Fruit Pacκ's central production unit is in Lechena of Elis (57th km of the New National Road PATRAS-PYRGOS), where, in a private land of total surface of 46,874.75 m2, a standard and innovative unit is housed, for the standardisation, sorting, packaging and storage of fruit and vegetables.

In the courtyard of the unit, there are:

  • A private petrol station, for supplying the means of internal and external transportation, owned by the company
  • A public petrol station
  • 1 electronic weigh-bridge, with weighing capacity of 80Τ
  • Parking for passenger vehicles, with 42 parking spaces
  • Parking for trucks, with 50 parking spaces 

 Its high-technology compound, with total surface of buildings of 16,206.29 m2, includes:

  • Administration offices, staff spaces, meeting and exhibition halls, producer and staff information hall, doctor’s office, first aid station
  • Packaging area (sorting, standardisation and packaging spaces)
  • 21 cool stores, of surface of  2,452.59 m2 and total capacity of 13,489.24 m3, 2 of which are especially designed for fruit pre-cooling and  maintenance (strawberry)
  • Additional warehouses, beyond the cools stores, with capacity of 3,000 m2
  • 11 merchandise loading and unloading ramps

 The company has high-technology mechanical equipment, specifically:

  • 3 Electronic lines for the sorting, process and packaging of citrus fruit 
  • 2 Electronic lines for the packaging of strawberry containers in flow-pack, with a palletizer  
  • 2 Electronic lines for the packaging of grapes 
  • Electronic line for the sorting of potatoes
  • Potato weighing – packaging machine 
  • Automatic bagging machine 2.5 - 25.0 kg
  • Mechanical line for the sorting of onions
  • 2 Electronic lines for the sorting, classification of watermelons and melons
  • Watermelon sorting conveyor belts
  • Watermelon weighing machine
  • Line for the sorting of watermelons, of barrel type
  • Electronic line for the sorting & packaging of tomatoes
  • Electronic line for the classification and packaging of tomatoes, apples and kiwis
  • Mechanical line for the sorting and packaging of vegetables
  • Line for organic products
  • 2 de-palletizers for carton boxes
  • Box dumper
  • Air line for the transportation of empty boxes
  • Pallet wrapping machine
  • Strapping machine
  • 3 automatic strapping machines
  • Carton box forming machines
  • Plastic crate washing machine


Production & process
Receipt of Raw Materials

Upon the receipt of the raw materials inside the packaging area, all products are submitted to strict quality checks by our team of agricultural specialists, according to the international standards BRC, HACCP, SMETA and GLOBALG.A.P..



Then, depending on their category, the products are placed in one of the modern electronic lines or mechanical lines for sorting and classification, where, thanks to the high-technology engineering equipment, the excellent quality, appearance and maintainability of the raw materials are absolutely guaranteed.

At the same time, through electronic sorting and classification, each product is automatically separated and processed based on its size, colour and visual appearance, without the mediation of staff.

Packaging - Standardization

40 tons can be packaged every hour, by specialised staff, as good packaging plays a leading role in the effective maintenance of the product.

More products can be packaged through the automatic packaging line, with robotic palletisation systems. 

Storage & Pre-cooling (where necessary)

The products are stored and maintained in the 19 special, modern cool stores, of total capacity of 13,489.24 m3,with constant measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, maintaining their excellent quality.


The company has 2 cool stores especially designed for pre-cooling and maintenance of the products that will be transported by refrigerator trucks, so that the appropriate temperature of the packaged product can be ensured during the transportation and up to the arrival at its destination.


Loading - Transportation

In specially designed loading spaces, our products, which are packaged in pallets, are loaded on special refrigerator trucks, with the most modern specifications, equipped with thermographers and certifications, so that the products can be distributed reliably and quickly to their destination.

The orders can also be dispatched by sea, with containers where the pallets are loaded and fastened by our staff, with great care.

For the transportation of the products in the Greek and Balkan markets, the company has a private fleet of refrigerator trucks, ensuring their direct and safe transportation all over Greece.


Quality Standards

The quality assurance is not just a desirable goal, but a primary strategic choice of the company. We firmly believe that only the proper application of the Quality Assurance systems guarantees the required consistency in the quality of the final products, the reliability and the company’s constant development.

For the assurance of the high quality and nutritional value of our products, we have selected the following main action pillars: 

Pdf _icon BRC - Certificate of Conformity

Pdf _icon SMETA Certification

Pdf _icon GlobalGAP/Grasp Certification


Strict specifications

All raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the packaging materials we use, fulfil the strictest specifications of the modern European and international standards. Moreover, we constantly invest in the best and technologically advanced equipment in the sector of agricultural products.


Certified Produces

In constant cooperation with a network of producers – members, we use properly specified and certified raw materials, according to the standard GLOBALG.A.P., achieving the production of safe agricultural products, under absolutely controlled conditions, without any remains of pesticides.


Multiple Ordinary Quality and Hygiene Checks

Our properly trained staff constantly and carefully checks all stages: incoming materials & packaging materials, production process, intermediate and final products.

The company’s Quality Control department strictly checks every incoming load, upon its delivery at our facilities.

All packaging materials come from approved suppliers in Greece and abroad.

During the whole production process inside our facilities, sample checks are carried out, for the observance of the specifications, in every produced batch of intermediate and final products.

The company’s Self-Control Department daily checks the hygiene of the outdoor space, the surfaces coming into contact with the products, the personal hygiene and attire of the employed staff.

Water quality checks are systematically carried out in samples from our drilling, for microbiological criteria and physical-chemical analyses. 




We apply control procedures and an integrated product traceability system (Product Traceability System) at every production stage, “from the farm, to your table". Through the electronic system Plantecho Traceability solution, we fully monitor the products as they are transformed in the various phases of the production process or transported in the supply chain.




Beyond the certification of the production, a necessary condition for the company’s reliable and dynamic presence in the international market, with high-quality products, the packages of which fulfil the most modern hygiene and safety specifications, is its certification by authorised international bodies.

FRUIT PACK observes the Quality Assurance System in accordance with the international standards SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit) and GLOBAL G.A.P.